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OLI VIBRATORS is a Melbourne based business and part of the WAMGROUP

OLI® has been synonymous with expertise in vibration technology. In the early days of its existence there was a great demand in the Italian market for equipment supply in the construction industry. Immersion Vibrators (Pokers) were needed wherever ready mixed concrete was delivered. OLI® soon developed various models of High Frequency Electric, as well as Pneumatic Pokers and Shaft Vibrators.

By offering sizes from 18 to 150 millimetres in diameter, the Company soon boasted a range no other manufacturer was able to match.

In the early 1980s the existing range was complemented by Electric and Pneumatic External Vibrators.

The position of the Company near Milanís Linate Airport made it easy for foreign customers to gain an insight into OLI®ís know-how and manufacturing facilities. They could also see for themselves the exemplary testing methods used for inbound and outbound quality control which has won the Company a high reputation all over the world.

In 2003, the new factory for Vibrator production was inaugurated at the former TOREX® premises in Medolla, near Modena.

Although OLI®ís export share had reached around seventy percent by the beginning of the 1990s, there is still a lot to be done in terms of further developing the product range and expanding into new markets.

Our main office is located at
Factory 4, 3 Gatwick Road,
Bayswater, Victoria, Australia 3153

To contact us,
Phone 03 8761 6911
Fax 03 8761 6922

Oli Vibrators have agents throughout Australia. You can find our agents statewide on our contact page.

Why Oli

Oli® Vibrators Pty Ltd is proud to showcase their incomparable range of off the shelf Vibrators and Flow Aids to the wider Australian market.

Extensive knowledge of Vibration Technology on a global level, has qualified Oli® Vibrators as the undisputed specialist in this diverse Australian maket.

In most cases, Oli® Vibrators can deliver within 24 to 48 hours so whether the mining industry demands immediate action or the local pasta manufacturer needs attention we will there to help.

No more waiting for your ship to come in for your long awaited stock

Oli® Vibrators' ongoing mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality products, unbeatable service and of course, the very best price.

Oli History

The company OLI was founded in 1961 by Mister Corsi. The first factory was settled in Cassina deí Pecchi near Milan.

O.L.I. stands for "Officina Lavorazioni Industriali", which means "Workshop for Industrial Works"

At that time, OLI offered a very large range of vibrators, from pneumatic to electrical vibrators but was not specialised in any of them.

In 1999 O.L.I moved to Rovereto, in Modena province and entered in WAM group. This step was essential for the company to grow, to industrialise the production lines, realise economies of scales and specialise itself in fewer items but produced on a larger scale.

In 2003 O.L.I. moved to a new factory (ex Torex plant).

In 2006 OLI added new assembly lines and built up a new automatic warehouse, thanks to which today we are able to stock more than 2000 full pallets.

This is going to be the specific set up for OLI Subsidiaries too in the next future.

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