Concrete Vibrators

We have 2 types of Concrete Vibrators. Please click to read more.

high frequency internal vibrator

High-Frequency Internal Vibrators

VN (OLI Standard Line) and VNP (OLI Professional Line) are Electric High Frequency Concrete Vibrators. The VNP Professional Line develops higher centrifugal forces and has a shaft that is equipped with four bearings which makes this line suitable for extra-heavy-duty jobs. Both lines come with a 5 metre (16 ft) protection hose, a 10 metre (33 ft) electric cable with plug and ABS hand switch.

flexible shaft internal vibrator

Flexible Shaft Internal Vibrators with Direct Electric Motor Connection

VD is a Mechanical Flexible Shaft Concrete Vibrator with Direct Motor Link. VD-type Concrete Vibrators are used for the compaction of freshly poured concrete.